Travel to other Realms

is an important part of the Southern Maoshan Tradition. The Maoshan disciple will learn to send parts of his hun (immortal) soul to explore other realms and communicate with and interact with spirits.

Maoshan adepts for example will often communicate with the spirits of the dead, a process called in our tradition Yin Xia , or descending Yin.

Typically the medium will go into trance with a face covering as in the photograph on the left. Its a process that lasts some two hours.

There are also other means of Sending Hun to the Underworld, the worlds of the Immortals and even our world.

Another mediumship technique used in Maoshan is called Asking Rice, as it involves a bowl of rice and candles, and usually an egg.

A unique method is exploring an inner realm where there is one's own Self Palace that represents one's present life. Once there the adept takes note of the furnishings and state of affairs in the house to assess his or her destiny and faults. For example the state of the bedroom and garden can give clues about one's love life or marriage. Minute details such as the colours of the house, the state of the flowers in the garden, the presence or absence of certain objects and so forth.