The Mysteries of the Nine Tail Fox

An increasing interest in the Nine Tail Fox has spurred many Chinese folk magic based occultists to work with this important spirit. Though She has only become more popular in recent years, the Nine Tail Fox has an ancient and long history in the annals of Chinese folk magic.

The Fox Method is well known for its use of glamour and in that it can make its devotees more 'charming'. Serious Fox devotees are said to have something about the eyes that can exert a charming influence on those they meet.

In fact the Fox School is a heavily esoteric tradition that explores the deeper mysteries of sexuality and death in terms of alchemy.

It has strong taboos on sexuality that would probably not be welcome in modern western society. For example the Fox Immortal Society does not allow ambiguous sexuality at this present time due to the polarised nature of the work. However it doesn't condemn same sex

relationships in a moral sense but simply points out that the nature of its work makes it unsuitable to that lifestyle.

However Chinese magical culture is rich and there are other alternative factions such as the Brotherhood of the Rabbit for those who explore such same sex magical traditions. There is room for everyone and a tradition for everyone!


A speciality of the Fox tradition is sexuality and attraction. Not only on a prosaic level but on more subtle levels. Thus Fox Magicians are known for their powers in love magic.

Some westerners from a certain magical background would probably balk at some of the love magic in use in the Fox Tradition as being immoral.

However the most important and secret essence of Fox Magic is the search for immortality and the use of erotic and thanatoid energies towards those goals.

Among the more secret practices of the Maoshan Fox Tradition is a special relationship with Black Fox, one of the most powerful Immortal Foxes known in that tradition.